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Alexander Arrangement of Elements Forever Periodic Table


One complete and one partial lesson currently available - more coming!

Randomized to Organized Lesson
Student logic plus interaction are vital parts of this lesson.
Engineering an arrangement of elements with a hands-on activity has proven to enhance learning and subsequent understanding at the beginning of chemistry - not to mention the creative fun of successfully getting a grip (so to speak) on the periodic table.
Lots of free downloadable teaching aids - including PowerPoints.

Jumbled  Data Boxes

Second Guessing

Jumbled  Data Boxes

M. and Periodic Law

Trends Lesson Segment
We think different choices can speed and improve your trends teaching.
This new trends learning tool addresses the problem that including the transition metals imposes.
When the ends are brought together, The Trends Tube locates each the Halogen and Alkali Metal element on either side of the Noble Gas element each 'wishes' to become. This is useful also, as well as having the property names in their areas of highest value with arrows indicating the direction of lessening instead of lowest with arrow indicator toward greater. I'm thinking this is more logical. Am I missing something?

Trio of Trends Tubes

Trends 3D Chart

Trends Tube