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3D AAE Trends Chart
Alkaline Metals and Halogens a Noble apart
They really need to be!
An ordinary periodic table has them about as far apart as possible, and the attempt to convince a class of skeptics (or just smart kids) that this is an important "proximity" is ludicrous.
The TrendsTube wraps the ends together so the most giving and the most needy of elements are just a step apart when showing the major operative factor of electron affinity.

If you don't have an Alexander Arrangement, you can show how the TrendsTube relates to the specific periodic tables the students will be using with scissors and tape or glue. Cut it out all around, connecting group 1 to group 12, with Group 1 a period below so the correct Noble is right between the the TrendsTube.
The distributed flat prints of the download can be used to start the lesson - your regular flat table material.
When the time comes, the students can cut them out, with alignment tabs cut to the papers' edge wrap, then glue as instructed together into a cylinder.
Your lesson continues until the special properties of the Group 12 (Group Zero, to many) are addressed, and a fold is then made at each dashed line - an impediment to the jealous neighbors!
Kids appreciate that their TrendsTube is a "keeper".

Get your own TrendsTube for downloading by clicking on the image below.

3D AAE Trends Chart But wait! There's more!
Your cut-out periodic table can be even closer to the chemical element system by finding the F-block and inserting it where the numbers are consecutive, next to Group 2. Now all the elements are present.
But there are still breaks in Mendeleev's Line above the F - and D-blocks.
You can do what I did to make theAlexander Arrangement of Elements, pinch (and tape) both of them where they meet the Main Group
Now the blocks are in order - and so is the element line - per the Periodic Law - but sitting crooked!
It is, however, a far more accurate representation of Mother Nature's chemical elements, now systematized to agree with the Part One + Part Two of the Periodic Law..

"One more thing", said Columbo...
I can't figure out why most of the charts I can find in catalogs and online have the property name in the place where it least belongs, and arrows pointing toward the increase.
I put them the other way around, with the arrow directing the student toward diminishing of the property the ...distance.


chemical element system model

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