Teaching the Trends with a 3D Teaching Aid


Who thinks that the Alexander Arrangement can't be used to teach trends should see how
we made it not only possible, but easier, faster, and better!

This is my idea:
1. First, as it is obvious that not all the table was needed to make property trends clear - the rest only bring up questions and doubt - we got rid of the parts of the periodic table that don't help speed the lesson.
whole pt with Xs
2. Bringing the effective parts together turns out to be the Main Group elements, the s- and p-blocks - starting at the second period.
short chart alone 3. There are many properties to choose from, but we elected to use a minimum - the most frequently taught. You can petition for more, and convince us to make a second version.

a few properties

4. Other trends charts place the name of each of the trends where they are the least / smallest / weakest / etc. We couldn't understand why, so we used common logic to put the names where the properties are most / biggest / strongest / etc., and have arrows pointing in the direction of less and less.
main group with properties
5. A full outer shell makes the Noble Gas elements independent. If the Halogens could have one more electron they would be like their next door Noble gas, and if the Alkaline metals had one less, they would be, too.
Wrapping into a tube attaches the Noble Gases to the Alkaline Metals for teaching convenience.

whole pt with Xs

6. If we shift the Alkaline Metals column up one period, these elements connect with the Noble Gas element that's one electron away, which I am told is another lesson enhancement. ...but awkward looking.

whole pt with Xs

7. To make the the tube stand up straight, the element rows can be slanted down from left to right with a little photo shopping, and then, at least in the top 2 periods, the atomic numbers are in correct sequence. ...like all of them in an Alexander Arrangement of Elements periodic table...
spacer...just sayin'

whole pt with Xs

What we end up with can be seen below neatly formatted. We added a stair-step and the older US column designations (with the A suffix) to the new 1-18 as well. You can download / print / wrap it and improve your element trends lessons with it.

It just makes better sense!

printable element trends chart

Here is the finished TrendsTube in the classroom.

finished trends chart wrapped


What's that, she said, the periodic table the way it's supposed to be but isnt?


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