the Motivation of Newness
Kids get a charge out of the new and different, like much they learn about in school,
and for older, more knowledgeable folks just seeing the System it is motivational
and exciting to see that a new, unique, and attractive shape can so honor the Periodic Law

There is little argument with the idea that NEW is attractive, but novelty alone, however, without contributing value, is worse than worthless, it adds confusion and discredits the useful.

Student populations, on the other hand, are stimulated by variants on the usual, and excited by the discovery of new paradigms. All their years they have been challenged by the new in their lives - and bored - even repelled - by the status quo.
Motivation words
The Alexander Arrangement of Elements is a creative solution to the fact that the common periodic table can NOT obey the periodic law due the lack of a third dimension.
The AAE has the motivation of newness, but shouldn't be considered new, as it isn't, de Chancourtois' original single helix model dating to 7 years before the Mendeleev 2D periodic table.
...but it is certainly new to the American education system, and ways to integrate it are still to be determined by teachers expert in modeling-based and interactive engagement instruction attracted to the challenge.
It is increasingly apparent that the AAE single helix model of the Periodic Law is best used after Trends and the Periodic Law in the lesson prior to the introduction of that greatest of worksheets, the Periodic Table.

What's that, she said, the periodic table the way it's supposed to be but isnt?

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